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Funny And Unique Cat Names: Part 2

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Funny And Unique Cat Names: Part 2As I promised in my previous post, I’m going to provide you with more unique and funny names for cat pets.

So now we’re going to look for both male cat names and female cat names based on personalities and many other factors.

  • Wild. If your cat is wild think of Cyclone, Twister and Taz (short for Tasmanian Devil).
  • Calm. For calm personalities consider Dreamer and Phish.
  • Mischievous. Your mischievous cat won’t mind to be called Wizard, Beelzebub or Diablo. Why Diablo??? But why not?
  • Music names. You can give your cat pet some of music and sound names such as Jazz, Soprano, Jingle, Maestro, Lyric, Whisper and Rhythm.
  • Cute names. If you find your cat very sweet and I’m sure you do, think of Bumble, Hugz, Kiki, Poppy and Dustbunny.
  • Funny names. Consider some of these funny names as well–Rover, Hey You, A.C. (which stands for another cat), Dammit, Aristocrat (Ari) and Spot.
  • Cartoon, TV based names. Names from Cartoons, TV and books are also interesting to look for. For instance, Gizmo, Harry Potter, Tarzan, Zoro, Batman, Oscar, Calvin, Romeo, Casanova (Nova) and the name of famous comedy actor Mr.Bean, would surely suit your funny cat.
  • Smart names for cats. Your smart cat probably won’t mind to be given a name of a famous figure such as Einsten, Da Vinci, Bogart, Titus and Mozart.
  • Names based on Gods and legends. And what about names based on Gods and legends? If you find it interesting, Freya, Osiris, Pandora, Zeus, Minevra, Adonis (which is usually called as Donny) may be of your interest.
  • Outer space names. It looks a bit weird yet interesting to give your cat an outer space and universe names such as Galaxy, Comet, Cosmos, Venus and Nova.
  • Technology Based Names. Have you ever heard about them? They’re really unique so your cat will be proud to be given such a special name like Pixel, Browser and Byte.
  • Food and drink based names. Names such as Biscuit, Peanut, Cocoa and Cola are also rare but… funny and amusing!
  • Weather based names. This may sound ridiculous or weird but the names can be based on weather as well. I was thinking to name my pet Tsunami, Thunder or Storm but he is not that fierce, I think.

Whatever you choose make sure that the name is as unique as your pet. And also be sure that neither you nor your cat will ever be ashamed of it.

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Funny And Unique Cat Names: Part 2
  • H.M.

    Great names… a lot of variety, and the most important they are unique really unique! I liked most the names Byte and Pixel….. lol!!!! I will certainly name my pet PIxel.. in it will be a very small dog i guess!!!!